Exhibiting at the American Ceramics Society

Exhibiting at the American Ceramic Society

On November 1, 2016 Materials Research Furnaces exhibited at the annual Expo held by the New England Section of the American Ceramic Society in Boxborough, MA.

Representing MRF was Timothy Jones, Business Development Manager.  In attendance were thirty-two ceramics industry professionals from twenty organizations.  Mr. Jones had the opportunity to discuss ceramic engineering issues with many of the participants, as well as provide a brief overview of MRF to the entire group of attendees.  He stressed the twenty-six year history of MRF working with ceramic development and production engineers and our world-wide presence in the High-temperature furnace industry.

Of special interest to the audience was a presentation by Dr. William Lee, Chair in Ceramic Engineering at Imperial College London.  Dr. Lee was recently appointed president of the American Ceramic Society and has extensive experience in structural ceramics and nuclear engineering.

MRF has been a constant presence in the Ceramics Community with it’s expertise in and willingness to build custom high temperature furnaces for specific applications and processes. Ceramics in recent years have seen an increase in research and development. Investments are being made worldwide to develop new complex ceramic composites and bring them to market. These new ceramics offer many benefits over more traditional materials. MRF is excited to be a part of these developments with it’s offering of state-of-the-art custom furnaces.