This Crystal Growing Furnace allows lab-sized crystals to be produced with the Bridgman ,Czochralski or Stepanov method. This technique is used to grow single crystals of semiconductor materials (silicon, germanium and gallium arsenide), metals, salts and synthetic gemstones.

The pulling speed is adjustable and controls accurately as low as 0.001”/min. (0.025mm/min). A separate motor is provided to rotate the 3/8” seed rod.

Our crystal growing option can also be fitted on select front loading MRF furnaces using the top chamber port, such as our Multi-application Laboratory Furnace or select Arc Melting Furnaces.

Crystal Growing Furnace

General Specifications

  • For crystal growth using Bridgman ,Czochralski or Stepanov method
  • Adjustable pulling speed as low as 0.001”/min. (0.025mm/min)
  • 8″ travel
  • Adjustable seed rod rotation
  • Fits easily in our 4″ x 8″ (101mm dia. X 203mm high) hot zone front loading furnaces
  • Includes all electrical, mechanical and control components
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