Our Arc Melt Furnace ABJ-900-3 with the Crystal Growth option is the larger cousin of our TA-200, featuring a larger chamber, larger power supply, top loading instead of bottom loading for easier access, and larger melts. The crystal growth components are set up to grow single crystals of semiconductor materials, metals, salts and synthetic gemstones using the Czochralski method.

This furnace has three electric stingers, for simultaneously melting material with three arcs in three different places. This furnace is capable of melting materials above 3500°C. A crystal seed attached to the seed rod then lowers into the center crucible of the 9″ (225 mm) hearth holding the melt and is programmed to pull the growing crystal.

The pulling speed is fully programmable and controls accurately as low as 0.001 mm/min.  The 3/8” seed rod has an adjustable rotational speed from 0-30 rpm. The maximum pull height is 7″ (176 mm).

Crystal Growth Arc Melt Furnace ABJ-900-3

General Specifications

  • for crystal growth using Czochralski method
  • adjustable pulling speed as low as 0.001”/min. (0.025mm/min)
  • 7″ travel
  • 9″ (229mm) hearth with custom cavity shapes
  • adjustable seed rod rotation
  • Tri-Arc melting furnace for fast homogeneous melts up to 3500°C
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