Our small high temperature laboratory furnace is capable of running at 3000 °C in inert gas with modest power usage due to the highly efficient graphite insulation pack. The 4″ diameter x 8″ high (101 mm x 204 mm) hot zone is suited for small batch processing or material research at ultra high temperatures. Operation in vacuum is also possible but is limited to 2200°C to maximize lifetime of the heating element and shields.

Operation through the (optional) HMI interface is intuitive and easy-to-learn. A retracting temperature thermocouple is used for low temperature control. The RTC will retract automatically and switch over control to a pyrometer at a pre-set temperature setpoint.

Applications include: sintering, termal processing, carbonizing, ceramic firing, degassing, heat treating and more.

High Temperature Laboratory Furnace

  • 3000°C (5432 °F) maximum temperature in Argon.
  • 2200°C (3992 °F) maximum in Vacuum.
  • Top loading with hinged cover.
  • Graphite zone (tungsten hot zone available).
  • +/- 10 °C temperature uniformity.
  • 4″ diameter x 8″ high (101 mm x 203 mm) hot zone.
  • HMI control system with Data-acquisition.
  • TC and Pyrometer temperature control.
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