Our small top loading sintering furnace is a popular choice for small batch processing. This furnace has a standard hot zone of 4″ diammeter by 8″ high with many other sizes available.

This furnace has a maximum temperature of 2500°C with a tungsten hot zone, 2100°C with a tantalum hot zone, and 1650°C for molybdenum.

The hot zone provides excellent temperature uniformity and longevity. This furnace comes equipped with an intuitive HMI control package providing features such as automated runs, process overviews, data-acquisition, alarms, unlimited recipe profiles for temperature control, user security, etc. Classic push-buttons and discrete controllers are also available.

Small Sintering Furnace

General specifications:

  • 2500°C (4532 °F) maximum operating temperature
  • Operating pressure: 1×10-7 Torr (mbar) to 2 P.S.I.G. (0.14 bar)
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • 4″ diameter x 8″ high (101 mm x 203 mm) standard, other hot zone sizes available
  • HMI control system with data-acquisition
  • Ergonomic space-saving design
  • TC and/or pyrometer temperature control
  • Turbo or diffusion pumping system
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