See this furnace in operation in our TA-200 video!

ARc Melting Furnace TA-200 video

Arc melt furnace TA-200 is identical to our SA-200 Arc Melt Furnace, but has three stingers instead of one, allowing for a bigger more homogeneous melt. It has a higher capacity power supply to accommodate three arcs.

With the addition of multiple electrodes, the molten puddle can be “stirred” or agitated by the welding arcs to improve blending of the alloy sample without concern of contamination from mechanical means.

This arc melt furnace has a 2” (51 mm) copper hearth with crucible which contains the sample material. This three arc model TA-200 comes as a complete turn-key system and can reach temperatures above 3500°C instantly. Custom hearth cavities to produce specific melt shapes are available at no extra cost when specified at time of order.

This system is ideal for University or R & D Laboratories as it comprises an affordable ready to run furnace with evacuation, inert gas, and cooling water components integrated into the furnace assembly as well as a 100% duty cycle power source. The Tri-Arc-200 has an optional crystal pulling feature when equipped with a variable speed crystal puller servo drive and linear actuator. See accessory listing for more detail on the crystal puller as well as other options and accessories.

Arc Melt Furnace TA-200

  • Operating temperature: over 3500°C (6332 F).
  • Bottom loading configuration.
  • 360° viewing through Pyrex glass between top and bottom brass base.
  • Vacuum chamber construction.
  • Copper stinger with tungsten electrode.
  • Copper hearth plate 2.0” diameter (51 mm).
  • Power Supply: 350 Amp @ 60 % Duty Cycle, 15 Kva.
  • Water cooled.
  • Inert gas system with relief valve.
  • Pumping system with roughing pump, vacuum gauge and valve.

The chamber is constructed of a water cooled brass top and bottom, and has a full 360° viewing area. The Chamber is vacuum tight. Welding glasses  on three sides protect the user from directly looking at the welding arc while operating the furnace. The top of the chamber houses the stinger which allows the user to move the welding arc around in the chamber, while the bottom houses the copper crucible which holds the sample material.

Three copper stingers with tungsten electrodes allow melting of the material in three places simultaneously.  The arc stingers have replaceable tungsten electrodes for ease of operation and maintenance. Load balancing between the stingers is accomplished by the water cooled resistor assembly.

Vacuum System:

A vacuum pump, manual vacuum valve and mechanical vacuum/pressure gauge is supplied to evacuate the chamber below 0.1 Torr (mbar). The vacuum system allows the removal of air and oxygen from the chamber after the melting material has been loaded. Removal of oxygen prevents oxidation and/or combustion of the melting material.

Gas System:

The inert gas system includes a gas flow control with flow indicator, pressure gauge, and relief valve. Inert gas flows through a manual valve and a flow indicator so you can accurately modulate inert gas flow. The chamber pressure is displayed on an easy to read dial gauge.  A 2 PSI (1.15 bar) relief valve insures that the chamber pressure does not exceed limits.

Water System:

The furnace is water cooled to allow trouble-free continuous operation. The base and the top of the arc furnace chamber are water cooled, as well as the power cables and resistor assembly.


Available Options for Arc Melt Furnace TA-200:

  • Arc casting
  • Powder melting
  • Annealing
  • Melting point determination
  • Metallic buttons
  • Creating alloys
  • Crucible welding
  • Material densification
  • High purity melts
  • Crystal growth

arc melt furnace ta 200 outline