A crystal growth tube furnace incorporating a programmable motion system to “rock” the complete hot zone for long durations while maintaining temperatures up to 1300°C in an oxidizing environment.

The heated zone consists of a 50″ long mullite tube with resistance type heating elements. The hot zone contains three independent heating elements.

The complete hot zone is able to continuously rock at 90° angles and is provided for growing crystal composites.

Once the rocking heat cycle is complete, a unique quenching system will drop the crystal composites to a controlled depth in a cooling medium for quick cooling.

Crystal Growth Tube Furnace

General specifications:

  • Tubular 4″ x 28″ usable hot zone
  • 1300°C maximum in air atmosphere
  • 90° continuous rotation with rocking drive mechanism
  • Quick quench mechanism for immediate cooling
  • +/- 1 Deg. C uniform hot zone
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