Graphite Furnaces

Our graphite furnaces are capable of operating at 3000°C on a continuous basis in inert gas, or 2200°C in a vacuum. Graphite is a desirable material in various thermal applications due to its thermal properties and chemical resistance.

Graphite heating elements are manufactured from a high purity carbon composite providing excellent temperature uniformity, longevity, mechanical strength and repeatability. Our heater designs use rounded edges and proper gap spacing to minimize gas ionization at elevated temperatures, increasing life expectancy and maximum obtainable temperatures. Our graphite heating elements use power connections with a unique tapered fit, instead of threads with nuts. This taper simplifies heating element removal and installation.

Our graphite insulation materials have excellent thermal insulation properties to minimize heat loss and have high thermal stability for longevity. Graphite insulation surrounds the heater and is manufactured from rigid graphite fiber board or graphite felt. Insulation thickness varies based on maximum desired operating temperatures and hot zone size.

A large number of our furnaces are available with a graphite hot zone. We offer numerous designs and supply spare graphite parts for all graphite hot zones as well as other graphite parts such as rods, pins, bolts, nuts and fixtures.

  • Graphite Hot Zone

    50 ton hot press Graphite Furnace
  • Top Loading Graphite Furnace Hot Zone

    3000C Graphite hot zone view
  • 5 ton Hot Press Graphite Hot Zone

    10 ton hot press graphite zone
  • Graphite Parts

    Graphite Hot zone parts
  • Rigid Fiber Graphite Insulation

    Graphite Insulation
  • Graphite Retort

    graphite retort