Our 4-station indexing sintering furnace is our highest throughput model tailored for high temperature sintering of electronic components. Four loads are processed simultaneously, creating a semi-continuous process sintering process.

The furnace has a usable zone of 12” diameter x 22” high (305 mm x 559 mm), this design is ideal for high volume large batch processing.

This furnace features five chambers, a bottom indexing chamber containing a transfer mechanism, a chamber for loading and unloading, a heating chamber, one for cooling and lastly one for controlled oxidation. During normal operation, all chambers are isolated from one another.

A hydraulic lift and motorized indexing mechanism move the load stacks from one station to the next. Depending on process parameters, this furnace produces a sintered load every 45 minutes.

The hot zone is capable of temperatures up to 2100°C and is manufactured with tantalum or tungsten.

A high throughput 10″ or 16″ diffusion pumping system handles load out-gassing. The HMI computer interface runs completely automated cycles start to finish, integrating with production networks to provide product tracking and recipe selection.

Refer to our other sintering furnace models for single, double or small batch sintering models.

4 Station Indexing Sintering Furnace

General specifications:

  • Five-chamber design to process 4 loads simultaneously
  • Separate loading, heating, cooling and oxidation chamber
  • Hot zone Size 12” diameter x 22” high (305 mm x 559 mm)
  • Tantalum or tungsten heating zone (other materials available)
  • 2100°C (3812 °F) maximum temperature
  • +/- 10°C temperature gradient across usable zone
  • High capacity diffusion pumping system 10″ or 16″
  • Gas heat exchanger for rapid load cooling
  • Our highest throughput batch sintering furnace
  • Fully automated cycles with computer interface
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