Our 3000°C top loading graphite furnace with a near 2 cubic foot work area will satisfy all your ultra-high temperature requirements. The graphite hot zone is rated for operation to 3000°C in inert gas. Operation in vacuum is limited to 2200°C to maximize lifetime of the heating element and shields.

This batch furnace features repeatable, accurate and recorded processing. The top loading configuration provides excellent thermal uniformity and is a proven economical design. The access lid is pneumatically operated for easy access.

3000C Top Loading Graphite Furnace

General Specifications

  • 3000°C (5432 °F) maximum temperature in Argon, 2200°C (4000 °F) in 0.01 Torr (mbar) vacuum
  • 20″ diameter x 16″ high element (508 mm x 406 mm)
  • Top loading with pneumatic cover lift
  • Graphite heating element and heat shielding
  • Available in smaller sizes
  • Optical pyrometer & retractable thermocouple for temperature measurement
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