MRF’s line of top loading high temperature furnaces – Series T – is ideal for laboratory environments or for performing large batch runs. Numerous sizes are available from our small 3” diameter x 6” high (76 mm x 152 mm) hot zone to our large 22” diameter x 24” high (559 mm x 610 mm) hot zones. Custom sizes available on request.

Different hot zone materials are available; allowing a maximum operating temperature of up to 3000°C. Our top loading furnaces have a cylindrical chamber and heating area which have several advantages over bottom or front loading configurations. The chamber design with top cover allows the heat shielding and element to be made of fewer parts, resulting in a lower cost and a more uniform heating area. The packaging creates a cleaner appearance with an available work surface.

Basic systems include a rough vacuum and inert gas system to control the atmosphere. A number of different vacuum gas and other options are available to tailor your furnace for your application needs.