This graphite tube furnace can be operated in either a horizontal and vertical position, and has a maximum operating temperatures to 3000°C.  The tube diameter is 4″ and the available heated length is 8″ or 12″ long. This ultra high temperature furnace is a great tool for research and development.

An optional muffle tube is available for processing in an oxidizing or abrasive environment up to 1750°C.

Common applications include annealing, brazing, ceramic firing, degassing, graphitizing, carbonisation, melting and sintering.

Graphite Tube Furnace

General Specifications

  • Vertical or horizontal loading configuration.
  • Operating temperature up to 3000°C (5432 °F).
  • Usable work area (load) 4″ diameter x 12″ long (100 x 300 mm) or 4″x 8″ (100 x 203 mm)
  • All graphite hot zone with graphite heating element and shields.
  • Vacuum evacuation & inert gas system.
  • Economical 3000°C system
  • Stainless steel, double walled, cylindrical vacuum chamber