Our 0.5 Ton Hot Press kit is extremely simple to operate and install. An air-operated cylinder with a directional control valve and pressure regulator are at the heart of this system.

To allow operation in a high temperature furnace, a water-cooled cold rod is attached to the cylinder and is fed into the chamber through vacuum tight metallic bellows. These bellows allow the furnace physical test rod to travel while maintaining a vacuum seal. The bellows eliminate the need of a sliding vacuum seal which tends to be unreliable and prone to wear.

A hot rod is threaded into the cold rod and is easily capable of withstanding system pressure at the maximum furnace temperature. An insulator is added between the hot rod and water-cooled rod to minimize heat losses and interference in the hot zone temperature uniformity.

The accuracy of this system is determined by the accuracy of the air regulator. A 0.001″ step-dial indicator allows observation of the travel amount and can be used to determine sample compression.

Mounting this kit is also extremely easy as it mounts directly onto the chamber and thus requires no mounting frame.

* Please note this kit can only be mounted on select furnace systems as an add-on. For complete turn key hot press systems, please see our hot press furnaces

Hot Press Kit 0.5 Ton

  • Low cost
  • Rated 1000 lbs
  • Air-operated
  • 2″ of travel
  • Simple controls
  • Includes vacuum insulated bellows and flanges
  • Water-cooled cold rods
  • 0.001″ dial indicator for travel
  • No mounting frame required

Chamber and Hot Zone

The hot press kit is compatible with our front loading laboratory furnaces and mounts on the top chamber port. High strength bolts attach the kit to the chamber flange.

Power Supply & Controls

No power is required to operate the hot press kit. A manual pressure regulator supplies air at a controlled pressure to the air cylinder regulating the compression force. A dial indicator with 0.001″ resolution shows sample compression. Force can easily be derived based on the supplied air pressure.

Vacuum and Gas System

Vacuum-rated bellows isolate the chamber atmosphere from ambient while allowing free movement of the compression rod. These bellows are vacuum rated to 10-9 Torr and allow operation in positive pressures up to 5 PSIG.

Water Cooling System

The cold rod requires a small amount of water to remove heat conducted through the rod inside the hot zone. An insulator between the hot and cold rod significantly cuts down on heat loss. An inlet and outlet port are supplied and can easily be tied in with an existing furnace cooling circuit.


Power: None required.
Water: 70F (20°C) and 50 P.S.I.G. 0.5 GPM (2 lpm).
Compressed Air: 0-100 P.S.I.G. filtered. (0-6.9 bar)

Available Options:

  • electronic pressure regulating valve – for programmable automated pressure profiles when used in conjunction with a programmable controller
  • load-cell – for electronic pressure/force measurement and feedback, allowing data acquisition and closed-loop control with electronic pressure regulation
  • Hot Pressing
  • Powder Densification
  • Sintering
  • Metallic Alloying
  • Brazing, Annealing
  • Diffusion Bonding

Coming Soon!