Continuous feed wire annealing furnaces feature up to twelve open ended wire feed tubes.  The wire inlet and outlet flanges adapt to a wire feed system (wire feed & pick-up). The furnace is set up vertically for a simplified wire support and tension system that uses gravity in it’s favor.

A unique temperature gradient is created using heat shielding on either side of the high uniformity hot zone, for controlled heat up and cool down rates. Our wire annealing furnaces are capable of maintaining operating temperatures up to 2500°C (4500F) using electrical heaters.

The furnace system includes an inert or reducing gas environment for the wires and chamber, with gas flows to create pressure differentials to prevent air from entering the furnace tubes and chamber.

Wire Annealing Furnace

General specifications:

  • Specifically designed for continuous wire annealing
  • 2500°C (4500F) Maximum
  • 18″ (457 mm) long heated section
  • Unique temperature gradients for controlled heat up and cool down of wire
  • Up to twelve open ended wire feeding tubes
  • Inert gas or Hydrogen operation
  • Tungsten or Tantalum Mesh heating element shields
  • Oxygen Monitor with audible alarm to monitor furnace atmosphere
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