Crystal Growth Furnaces

MRF offers a line of Crystal Growth Furnaces using the Czochralski (CZ), Bridgman or Stepanov method, often used for growing semiconductor ingots of Silicon, Sapphire or Germanium. Typical layouts are vertical crystal pullers with front-opening door access. MRF furnaces are highly stable with an excellent temperature gradient and are ideally suited for growing crystals of lab scale sizes, 50mm diameter to 200mm high.  Puller controls are high accuracy and fully programmable, including seed rotation.  A crystal growing add-on kit is also available on select arc melt furnaces and front loading furnaces.

Furnace chambers are high vacuum-rated, and can be run in air, partial pressure, vacuum or inert gas. Maximum temperatures up to 2600°C.

MRF has also built several custom designs for applications such as gem growth and Silicon Carbide Crystal Growth.*