Our large heat treat furnace contains a usable zone of 3 cubic feet (84l) and as our other heat treat furnaces, is capable of temperatures up to 2200°C.

With an 800 lb (364 kg) load limit, it features a high load capacity. The unit shown here features a 16″ diffusion pumping system, and gas heat exchanger for rapid cooling.

The hot zone features tungsten, molybdenum or tantalum mesh or rod heating elements, insuring excellent uniformity, longevity, and product compatibility.

With its high load capacity and large size, this furnace is designed for production or processing large batches of product.

Large Heat Treat Furnace

General specifications:

  • Maximum 2200 °C (4000 °F)
  • Hydrogen, inert gas or vacuum atmosphere
  • Roughing or Diffusion pumping system
  • 14″ x 14″ x 28″ usable hot zone (355mm x 355mm x 711mm)
  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Mesh or rod elements for long life and low cost
  • Heat Exchanger for rapid cooling
  • HMI Computer Interface
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