Described is our Thermomechanical testing furnace for high temperature materials. The furnace chamber is designed to mount in different manufacturers’ test frames allowing a combination of thermal, environmental and physical test conditions that no manufacturer offers by themselves.

The furnace test system can conduct testing for compressive strength, tensile strength, torsional strength, deflection, fatigue, multiaxial testing, etc. under various temperatures and atmospheres. The thermal furnace can be supplied with the test equipment or can be added to your existing test system.

The chamber accommodates test grips, extensometers and other test equipment via the various ports and feed throughs. The water-cooled chamber is vacuum-rated and isolates the sample atmosphere from the outside environment. This allows the test sample to be heated anywhere from room temperature to 1650 °C max. (3002 °F) in air, inert gas or vacuum. Hydrogen operation is also possible up to 1350°C (2462 °F).

Also view our Physical Test Furnaces for general specifications.

Thermomechanical Testing Furnace

General Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: 1650°C (3002 °F) in air, inert gas or vacuum.
  • Hydrogen operation to 1350°C (2462 °F).
  • Chamber will mount in a variety of physical test frames.
  • Operating Pressure: 10-7 Torr range to 2 P.S.I.G.
  • All necessary ports and feed throughs to accommodate physical test equipment.
  • Ceramic hot zone, different materials available.
  • Uniform temperature zone.
  • Various hot zone sizes available to match sample size.
  • Rough or high-vacuum systems.
  • Gas systems: inert, oxidizing or reducing.
  • Double-walled, water-cooled stainless steel chamber.
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