Hot Pressing Furnaces

Hot pressing furnaces apply heat and pressure simultaneously to a sample for densification, sintering or changing a material structure. Hot pressing furnaces are used in powder metallurgy and ceramics for  bonding of powders or preformed compounds. Compression rods apply force on a sample typically in a punch and die setup. A water-cooled vacuum chamber surrounds the sample and allows the parts to be heated up to 2300°C  in vacuum or gas environments.  For more complex physical testing requirements or for customers that already own a physical test frame and wish to add controlled atmospheres and high temperatures to their capabilities, see our Physical Test Furnaces.


  • Temperatures up to 2300°C (4172 F)
  • Compression forces up to 100 US Ton (890KN)
  • +/-10°C Temperature uniformity
  • 4″ or 6″ (102 mm or 152 mm ) of travel with 0.001″ (0.025 mm) accuracy
  • Ceramic, Graphite or Metallic Hot Zones
  • Doubles as a batch furnace