Vacuum Furnace

Industrial vacuum furnace with a maximum temperature of 3000 °C (5432°F) with our tungsten hot zones and 2200 °C (3992°F) with our graphite hot zones  with operation in vacuum. Available with different sized hot zones and pumping systems.

The base vacuum furnace comes standard with an evacuation system for vacuum levels down to 10-2 Torr (mbar), and an inert gas system for operation in Argon.  An optional blower on the roughing pump brings down the operational pressure to 10-3 Torr (mbar). High vacuum systems such as diffusion pumping systems, turbo pumping systems and cryogenic systems further lower chamber pressures to as low as 10-10 Torr (mbar). Vacuum system selection is based on process parameters such as required vacuum level and gas load. Specify your desired vacuum level and pumping system type when requesting a furnace quotation.

The vacuum chamber is double-walled, water-cooled, manufactured from 304L grade stainless steel and is electro-polished for a clean, durable finish with excellent vacuum integrity.

A vacuum furnace is used for the thermal processing of metals, alloys, ceramics, and graphite compounds.

vacuum furnace with turbo pumping system

Vacuum furnace with Turbo pumping system