MRF’s front load furnaces – Model F – are capable of operation up to 3000°C and are available with either cylindrical chambers or rectangular chambers. Our front loading furnaces have the most easily accessible heating zone, where part of the heater and heating shields are attached to the access door.

Front loading high temperature furnaces are the most versatile of our furnace lines as they can accommodate more options. Our large front loaders are often used as production units for large batches, while the smaller units are better suited for both laboratory research and small batch production.

Hot zone sizes range from 4” in diameter and 8” high (102 mm diameter x 203 mm high),up to 26” wide x 26” high x 26” deep (660 mm W x H x D). Custom sizes available on request.

Basic systems include a rough vacuum and inert gas system to control the atmosphere. A number of different vacuum, gas and other options are available to tailor your furnace to your application needs.