Our lowest cost furnace to grow lab-sized crystals with the Czochralski method is our Arc Melt Furnace TA-200 with the Crystal Growth option. This option adds all components used to grow single crystals of semiconductor materials (Silicon, Germanium and Gallium Arsenide), metals, salts and synthetic gemstones.

This furnace uses three electric arcs capable of melting materials above 3500°C. A crystal seed attached to the seed rod then lowers into the 2″ (50 mm) crucible holding the melt. The controls are programmed to pull the growing crystal.

The pulling speed is adjustable and controls accurately as low as 0.001 mm/min. A separate motor is provided to rotate the 3/8” seed rod, the maximum pull height is 7″ (176 mm). The bottom crucible is also available with a rotational motor.

Crystal Growth Arc Melt Furnace TA-200


General Specifications

  • for crystal growth using Czochralski method
  • adjustable pulling speed as low as 0.001mm/min.
  • 7″ (178 mm) travel
  • 2″ (50mm) crucible
  • adjustable seed rod rotation
  • Tri-Arc melting furnace for fast homogeneous melts up to 3500°C

Arc Melt Furnace Details

For complete Arc Melting Furnace details refer to Arc Melting Furnace TA-200. Described below are the crystal growing components  only.

Crystal Puller Components

  • A servo motor and drive for controlling the travel speed
  • A gear reducer to allow slow pulling speeds from 14 mm per minute down to 0.001 mm per minute
  • A precision slide to move the seed rod up and down in the chamber, 7” (178mm) of travel
  • A DC motor to allow the seed rod to be rotated 0 to 30 RPM
  • Vacuum tight seal around seed rod to isolate the chamber environment
  • Touch screen to provide easy programmable operation and display of the crystal puller
  • Control enclosure houses all electrical components
  • Slide, motors, gearboxes and seed rod attach to a support rod aside the furnace frame


The puller travel speed ranges from 0.001 mm per minute to 14 mm per minute depending on servo motor speed. Seed rod rotation of 30 RPM maximum.


In order to grow a crystal, the melting of the sample must be used in conjunction with the crystal puller. When growing crystals, a customer supplied seed crystal has to be attached to the seed rod. This seed is then brought into the melt, and is slowly pulled up with the provided crystal puller in order to grow a larger crystal. The maximum travel distance is approximately 175 mm (7”).

The arc melting furnace is used to melt the raw material in the crucible with the three arcs. Once melted, the stingers can remain in place to keep a homogeneous melt for growing the crystal.


Available Options for Arc Melt Furnace TA-200:

  • Crystal growth
  • Arc casting
  • Powder melting
  • Annealing
  • Melting point determination
  • Metallic buttons
  • Creating alloys
  • Crucible welding
  • Material densification
  • High purity melts

Coming soon!