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The advanced ceramics industry has seen a significant growth in recent years. Its uses have spanned into a multitude of “technologically advanced fields, including electronics, optoelectronics, medical, energy automotive, aerospace and space exploration.” (The American Ceramic Society, 2018)

MRF’s established relationships with some of the top researchers and developers in these various fields within the technical industry has often led to MRF furnaces systems being the top choice for many of the production and manufacturing facilities within these technologically advanced fields. One of these facilities that MRF has the pleasure of collaborating with is Calix Ceramic Solutions. “I have worked with many high temperature furnace suppliers throughout my career and MRF is by far the most capable. Their interest and acumen to engineer systems achieving the unique performance requirements for advanced ceramic and composites processing is refreshing.” Nik Ninos, Technology Manager, Calix Ceramic Solutions.

Calix Ceramic Solutions is an integral part of the innovations taking place in within the ceramics industry through their provision of technical knowledge and applications that help enhance their customers products. These solutions create corrosion resistance, wear & abrasion resistance, high-temperature performance, high strength and unique electrical properties that enable the creation of materials with “tailored properties that meet the requirements of specific and customized applications.” (The American Ceramic Society, 2018)

MRF is currently collaborating with Calix on a project to craft a precision system around Calix’s process technology. This new system will help Calix expand and support their growing client base.

A specific application that sets Calix apart is their production of Sintered Alpha Silicon Carbide, trade named under CALSIC S. CALSIC S is a self-bonded material containing a sintering aid (typically Boron) of less than 1% by weight. Calix is able to offer high quality silicon carbide products in custom shapes and forms, by sintering SiC in a high-temperature controlled atmosphere furnace. The resulting sintered SiC is a single-phase material containing over 99% silicon carbide. This material finds applications in mining, defense, chemical processing, aerospace and R&D.

CALSIC S is a fine-grained material with a typical grain size of < 5 microns exhibiting:

Outstanding corrosion resistance

The lack of binder or secondary phase makes our sintered silicon carbide nearly universally corrosion resistant.

Excellent wear & abrasion resistance 

Due to the high hardness of CALSIC S (2800 Knoop), it is extremely resistant to wear and abrasion.

High temperature strength & creep resistance 

CALSIC S retains nearly full strength to temperatures approaching 1750°C. Due to its high modulus, our sintered silicon carbide does not creep under load.

Superior thermal shock 

CALSIC S offers very good thermal shock resistance thanks to its high thermal conductivity (125W/mK).

As a Ceramic Supplier, Calix also offers:

  • Ceramic characterization & failure analysis
  • Full advanced ceramic material portfolio
  • Ceramic application and design for advanced ceramic manufacturing support
  • Thermal ceramics services
  • Ceramic to metal integration and assembly services

Easy company to work with and willingness to work with your company in a non-traditional manner:

  • Advanced Ceramic Technical Services
  • Ceramic Processing and Product Consulting
  • Engineered ceramics for corrosion, abrasion & wear resistance
  • Ceramic Technology related products; powders, wheels, machines

(Calix Ceramic Solutions, n.d.)

SIC Sintering Furnace Features

  • Operating temperature up to 2900oC in Inert Gas, 2200oC in vacuum
  • Thermal uniform work area 18″Dia. X 14.0″High (457mm x 355.6 mm)
  • Graphite Heating Element, Graphite Insulation Shields
  • Graphite hearth for work support
  • Top loading configuration with pneumatically operated top cover for full access to the load.
  • Double walled water-cooled stainless-steel vacuum chamber
  • Inert gas system for operation at 2PSIG
  • Evacuation Pumping System for operation at 10-2 Torr Vacuum
  • Water cooling system with flow switch per circuit to ensure proper cooling for all components
  • Two Color Optical Pyrometer and Thermocouple for control from 0 to 3000oC
  • Automatic TC Remover to protect the TC from high temperatures
  • Customizable with Options such as partial pressure control system, MFC’s for gas flow control, HMI control system

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Who We Are…

MRF is a global leader in precision thermal systems essential for the research, development, and production of advanced materials. These advanced materials include ceramic matrix composites (CMC’s), advanced ceramics, and SiC crystals. For decades, we have pioneered some of the world’s most innovative, customized furnace systems, with a focus on enabling the processing of materials at high temperatures in controlled atmospheres or vacuum. For additional information about MRF’s capabilities, please visit our products page by clicking on this link:


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