MRF Innovates with Crescent Memorial

Over the years, MRF has had the pleasure of working with a variety of unique and advanced industries for the development of new products. Crescent Memorial was started by Terry Jackson in 1999 as a small family business in Tupelo, Mississippi. “We realized there was a need for high-quality products at a low price in the funeral home industry and decided that the best way to deliver this was to custom manufacture many of these products.”

Crescent Memorial’s distinctive take on their product offerings is what differentiates them from others within the industry. Their recent decision to implement a high-performance MRF graphite furnace for R&D promises to create an exciting new product for their industry. It will also give their customers another way to appreciate Crescent Memorial’s ability to go above and beyond the quality and advancement of their competitors and offer the market something unique and special for their loved ones.

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Front loading high-temperature graphite furnace:

  • Maximum operating temperature: 3000ºC in Inert Gas.
  • Hot zone size 12 in. H X 12 in. D X 12 in. W (305mm H x 305mm D X 305mm W), other sizes available.
  • Graphite Heating Element with fibrous graphite insulation
  • Optional Retort for process isolation and improved thermal uniformity
  • Pressure range: vacuum to 2 psig
  • Vacuum chamber is double-walled, water-cooled; 304L stainless steel
  • Front and rear door gives full and easy access to hot zone area
  • Graphite Hearth plate with graphite pins for load support
  • Customizable vacuum and gas system
  • Three phase power supply, SCR controlled, the voltage will be rated for the country of destination
  • Controlled with PLC and touch screen HMI or classic instrumentation

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