Industrial Furnaces

MRF designs and builds industrial furnaces for laboratory research and batch production. Our furnaces feature high thermal uniformity with maximum temperatures up to 3500°C, rugged construction and reliable components. Furnace chamber environments consist of either vacuum, partial gas pressures, air, inert gas or flammable gases such as Hydrogen. Chamber volumes range from one cubic inch (16 ml) to 8 cubic feet (225 l). Automated HMI and Scada control systems feature repeatable, programmable and secure operation while being user friendly for operators.

Hot zones are made of refractory metals such as tungsten, molybdenum or tantalum, or made with graphite and ceramic hot zones. All hot zones feature excellent thermal uniformity, long useful life and ease of service. We also have a line of arc melting furnaces, a cost saving alternative for some industrial applications. Industrial furnaces are used in a wide range of applications.

  • Industrial Laboratory Furnaces

  • Industrial Production Furnace

    Model F-20 Front Loading Furnace
  • Graphite Bottom Loading Industrial Furnace

    Model B22 Bottom Loading Furnace
  • Custom Industrial Furnaces

    35 cuft custom chamber