Shanghai Ceramics Expo 2019 booth display

Shanghai Ceramics Expo 2019


The Shanghai International Industrial Ceramics Expo was created as a practical platform for promoting industrial communication and grasping market opportunities for Chinese and foreign industrial ceramics industries.”(Events, Shows and Engineering, 2019)

Shanghai Ceramics Expo 2019  is now in its 11th year and continues to bring to light new products and technologies in the industrial ceramics industry and offering “deep insight into the new trend of the future development of domestic industrial ceramics market.”(“Shanghai International Industrial Ceramics Expo 2019-2020 Trade Shows in China”, 2019)

MRF was asked to give a presentation on the design and capabilities of our furnaces during the Shanghai Ceramics Expo 2019 and our representatives in China, Inconelsh, did an excellent job of supporting our people there during this process and throughout the Shanghai International Industrial Ceramics Expo.

A  photo of MRF’s booth at the 11th International Industrial Ceramics Expo, Shanghai. A very active and engaging crowd visited with MRF and Inconelsh on the opening day of the exposition.

Shanghai Ceramics Expo 2019 Booth














Paul’s presentation at the Shanghai Ceramics Expo 2019 was well received and well attended. He was peppered with more questions than any other speaker, which illustrates the level of interest. Paul represented MRF’s capabilities and technology very well!

Shanghai Ceramics Expo 2019 Guest speaker for MRF P. Blaisdell














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