This furnace has been specifically designed for oxidizing wire to work in conjunction with our wire annealing furnaces. The furnace has up to twelve open ended tubes to feed wires and features a gas system that allows control of the wire tube atmosphere.

A unique temperature gradient is created by three independently controlled hot zones and water cooled entrance and exit tunnels. The tunnel outer flanges adapt to a wire feed system.

Wire Oxidation Furnace


General specifications:

  • Specifically designed to complement our wire annealing furnaces
  • 1200°C (2200°F) in air or inert gas
  • 3 separate zones for custom temperature gradient
  • Twelve open ended wire feeding tubes
  • Gas system to control tube atmosphere
  • Encapsulated Ni-Cr heaters with ceramic shields
  • End flanges adapt to a wire feed & pick-up system

Chamber and Hot zone

The chamber is designed to accommodate up to twelve feeding wires. The wires pass first through stainless steel guide tubes located on the right. After exiting this zone the wire will move into the 1200°C (2200°F) maximum temperature heated section. The heated section consists of three separately controlled heating zones with their own controls and sensors, allowing for a custom and unique temperature gradient. Once the wire has passed through this temperature zone, the wire exits the cooling zone at the left.

The furnace chamber is horizontally split and hinged for access to the heating elements and shielding.

The Hot Zone is a round design using encapsulated Ni-Cr wire heating elements and ceramic insulation. The usable hot zone is 6″ ID X 36.0″ long (other sizes available) and is designed to easily reach a temperature of 1200°C. The hot zone is divided in three areas which are independently controlled, allowing custom temperature profiles per zone.

Hot zone temperatures are measured by Type “K” thermocouples.


To provide power to the hot zone three SSR Power Controllers are supplied, efficiently modulating power to the hot zone depending on heat requirements.

All instruments, contactors, transformers and controllers are mounted in a single enclosure.

The furnace temperatures are controlled by programmable temperature controllers using Type “K” thermocouples. Each zone is also supplied with a separate over-temperature controller and thermocouple.

Process Gas System

This furnace system was designed to operate in an oxygen or inert gas environment. A gas manifold with flow meters is provided to modulate and distribute gas to the different zone areas. A selector switch sets the type of process gas used.

Water cooling manifold

The water manifold provided with this system is designed to adequately cool the furnace tubes. The water manifold has several circuits supplying water to the various parts of the furnace. Each one of these can be manually adjusted to allow each circuit just the proper amount of flow to save water.


Power: 18 kVA, 208-240Vac/1ph/50-60 Hz (other voltages available)
Water: 2 GPM (8 lpm) @ 70°F (20°C) and 50 P.S.I.G. (3.4 bar)
Process Gas: Inert Gas & Oxygen 15 lpm @ 70 P.S.I.G. Max. (4.8 bar)

Available Options:

  • HMI system – customized control system with PC user-friendly interface for fully automated runs and data acquisition
  • Partial pressure control – allows chamber pressure to be controlled to programmable setpoint
  • Flammable gas system – add capability to heat parts in a reducing environment such as hydrogen (limits max temperature)
  • Chiller– for closed-loop cooling
  • O2 monitor – for measuring oxygen content of supply gas or chamber environment
  • Gas purifier – for removal of impurities from the gas supply
  • CE certification – for export to International countries requiring CE
  • UPS – to keep essential components operational during power outages
  • Annealing
  • Degassing
  • Hardening
  • Heat treating
  • Nitriding
  • Oxidizing
  • Stress-relieving

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