Our two-station sintering furnace is based on our bottom loading sintering furnace, but is capable of simultaneously processing two loads, essentially doubling throughput within the same footprint. Our sintering furnaces are widely found in the electronics industry for sintering or heat treating electronic components at high temperatures. Cycles consist of atmosphere preparation, heating, rapid cooling and controlled oxidation.

The two-station furnace handles two loads simultaneously by heating one load in the hot chamber while cooling the second one in the bottom chamber.

This furnace has a usable zone of 12” diameter x 22” high (305 mm x 559 mm), and is suited for large batch processing.

The furnace features two chambers, a bottom chamber for loading and unloading, cooling and controlled oxidation, and the top chamber for sintering. Both chambers’ atmospheres are isolated. An electric lift moves the load stacks from the bottom chamber into the heating chamber.

The hot zone is capable of temperatures up to 2100°C with Tantalum or Tungsten hot zones..

A high throughput 10″ or 16″ diffusion pumping system handles load outgassing typically seen during product heat-up.

An intuitive customized HMI interface runs completely automated cycles start to finish.

Refer to our other sintering furnaces for smaller or larger models.

Two Station Sintering Furnace


General specifications:

  • Two load furnace for double capacity of our single-station
  • Hot zone Size 12” diameter x 22” high (305 mm x 559 mm)
  • Tantalum or tungsten heating zone (other materials available)
  • 2100°C (3812 °F) maximum temperature
  • +/- 10°C temperature gradient across usable zone
  • Bottom chamber for loading and cooling, top chamber for sintering.
  • Controlled oxidation at end of cycle
  • High-capacity diffusion pumping system 10″ or 16″
  • Gas heat exchanger for rapid load cooling
  • Electric load lifts for precise load movement
  • Fully automated cycles with computer interface

Load Lift System

Our two-station furnace sintering furnace is identical to our single-station bottom-loading sintering furnace, with the exception of the load lift system and the control software. As this furnace handles two loads simultaneously, it has two electrical load lifts for vertical movement and additional servo motors to rotate the load arms horizontally.

This mechanism is able to switch loads internally without operator assistance. When the heat cycle in the top chamber is complete and a new load is ready for sintering, the top load stack will lower into the bottom chamber, and the new load will be lifted into the top chamber.

The newly-lowered hot load is then cooled in the bottom, undergoes controlled oxidation, and is unloaded when ready. The servo system also rotates the load arms of the bottom chamber to facilitate loading and unloading.

A load lift for the load support arm acts as both a transfer mechanism and vacuum seal between the top and bottom chamber.

For further details on this furnace refer to our single-station bottom-loading sintering furnace.


Available Options:

  • High vacuum diffusion pumping system – for ultrapure environments
  • High vacuum turbo pumping system – for ultrapure environments
  • HMI system – customized control system with PC user-friendly interface for fully automated runs and data acquisition
  • Pyrometer and retractable TC – used for optical temperature measurement
  • Partial pressure control – allows chamber pressure to be controlled to programmable setpoint
  • Retort – isolates the hot zone from the parts and improves temperature uniformity
  • Chiller– for closed-loop cooling
  • O2 monitor – for measuring oxygen content of supply gas or chamber environment
  • Gas purifier – for removal of impurities from the gas supply
  • CE certification – for export to International countries requiring CE
  • UPS – to keep essential components operational during power outages
  • CVD gas system – custom gas systems
  • RGA – to analyze residual gasses in the chamber
  • Annealing
  • Brazing
  • Carbonizing
  • Ceramic firing
  • Degassing
  • Hardening
  • Heat treating
  • Metallic alloying
  • Metal Injection Molding (MIM)
  • Nitriding
  • Sintering
  • Stress-relieving

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