new Business Development Director, Rebecca “Becky” Stephenson

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Rebecca “Becky” Stephenson as MRF’s eastern region’s new Business Development Director. With a degree in Chemical Engineering and a focus on Materials Science from Clarkson University, Becky thoroughly understands the principles of heat transfer, reaction mechanisms, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, and transport properties of gases and liquids to name a few.

She first began her career in high-temperature thermal processing as a technology intern at Harper International during college. After graduation, she joined as a full-time applications engineer and gradually took on more responsibilities relating to outside sales. While there, she worked with controlled atmosphere, high-temperature applications from the infant stages of R&D through commercial scale-up.

Examples of such applications include metals and ceramics sintering, oxidation and carbonization of fibers, SiC fiber production, and high-temperature material recycling. As she progressed more into the field, she soon became an applications and sales engineer, working with both local and international clients to scale up and optimize their processes.

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