Vacuum Furnaces

A vacuum furnace consists of a sealed chamber connected to a pumping system which removes air and gas from the chamber. Heaters in the chamber allow product inside to be heated and processed in a vacuum environment. MRF builds vacuum furnaces operating in pressures as low as 10-11 Torr (mBar). Our vacuum furnaces have an operating range from room temperature to a maximum temperature of 3000 °C (5432°F) for our tungsten hot zones and 2200 °C (3992°F) for our graphite hot zones in a rough vacuum level (10-2 Torr/mbar).

Common vacuum furnace applications include annealing, brazing, sintering and heat treatment. Our chambers are double-walled, water-cooled, manufactured from 304L grade stainless steel and are electro-polished for a clean, durable finish with excellent vacuum integrity.

We offer numerous pumping systems on our vacuum furnaces, their selection is based on the level of required ultimate vacuum, system gas load and chamber size. Specify your desired vacuum level and pumping system type when requesting a furnace quotation.

  • Vacuum Furnaces with basic rough vacuum system

  • Vacuum Furnace with Diffusion pumping system

    Model F-20 Front Loading Furnace
  • Vacuum Furnace with Turbo Pumping system

    Front Loading Furnaces
  • Ultra High Vacuum Furnace

    Ultra High Vacuum Cryogenic Furnace